1. What time do the Blue Angels Perform?

    The Blue Angels are tentatively scheduled to perform at 3pm on Friday (Military Dependents & VIP show; not open to the public) and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday for the public shows.
  2. Can I bring a pop-up canopy tents (10’x10’) for shade?

    No, but you can bring umbrellas and folding chairs.
  3. Can we bring in picnic lunches and drinks?

    No, but there are a large number of food vendors on the flight line with a huge assortment of different types of foods at very reasonable prices.
  4. What is the difference between Reserved and General seating?

    Reserved seats are the first five rows of paid seating. These seats are numbered so you have the same chair for the duration of the event. The general seats are the next ten rows of seats but they are general admission seats so if you leave during the event you may not be able to return to the same chair.
  5. What is the food menu in the Executive Squadron Chalet?

    Fruit & Vegetable Station, Hot Dogs, Chicken Tenders, Deli Trays w/ Sliced Ham and Turkey, Pasta Salad, Nachos w/Cheese, Potato Chips, Dessert Station, Draft Beer, Soda and Bottled Water.
  6. Are there chairs in Executive Squadron Chalet?

    Yes, there are 750 chairs in front of ESC for air show viewing.
  7. Where can I get a schedule of events and performers for the day so I know what time different acts are flying?

    A general schedule of performers and sequence of events will be available at the Air Show in the free program available at the Program Booths. This schedule will list the sequence of performances but will not detail the exact time of each performance, since it is subject to change based on numerous factors right up until the day before the show. As a general rule of thumb, flying will start around 10am. Between 11am and 12pm you will see the National Anthem and several military demonstrations. After 12pm the pace of action will begin to increase, with the Blue Angels beginning their performance between 3 and 3:30pm.